About the WiSECAM project

The WISECAM project will equip river stakeholders with the tools to collect and manage simple data from watercourses, by harnessing WIreless SEnsing for CAtchment Monitoring. 

Why is the project important, and what is it trying to achieve?

Pollution of surface water, estuaries and drinking water is a threat to our ecosystems and represents a cost to the UK economy. Monitoring this pollution, at its source and its subsequent transmission through natural water networks, is challenging, labour-intensive and consequently expensive. WISECAM provides the tools to equip river stakeholders – including farmers, river guardians, anglers, members of the public – with all they need to monitor the conditions in their local water resource. 

Why an App?

Collecting data from rivers is frequently time-consuming: data need to be downloaded from sensors and values recorded, then notes need to be written up back in the office and added to databases. The app provides a ‘virtual notepad’ in your pocket, which logs your data, including the time and location, and automatically uploads it to a database. This means that anyone can collect useful data at any time, and scientists can easily access it to assess the state of water courses.